VIP Spa Service

$ 49.00

Please contact us for purchasing our VIP Spa Service*. The service should be purchased when your Jamie Park Jewelry piece needs to be refinished and professionally cleaned. The VIP Spa service is recommended every 6-12 months if the item was worn daily. Each Jamie Park Jewelry item undergoes a comprehensive service including:

  • Complimentary inspection
  • Professional cleaning, buffing, and repolishing.
  • Prong tightening. 
  • Easy and hassle-free round-trip shipping labels and tracking numbers. 

You will receive a printable return label within 24 hours or less. Our current processing time is 2 weeks. 

*This service is only available for Jamie Park Jewelry merchandise. This service will not void your warranty. If you believe your item needs repair, please contact our customer service. 

Please note that some deep scratches or dents may remain as the polish itself needs to be gentle enough to not remove excessive gold.