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  • Warranty

    At Jamie Park Jewelry, crafting sustainable heirloom-quality jewelry is not just a profession; it's a passion. We understand the significance your Jamie Park pieces hold, and we take pride in every detail of our work. Our commitment to integrity is unwavering, and we proudly stand by the craftsmanship of each creation.

     Your Jamie Park Jewelry item comes with a manufacturer's warranty that covers repairs and replacement for ten years from your purchase date. 

    The manufacturer's warranty covers the following:

    Throughout the first year from your purchase date, the warranty extends coverage to minor repairs of the metal structure, one ring resizing per purchase, and up to three lost stones measuring under 0.1ct. A replacement fee may apply for severe damages or lost stones, with the warranty covering up to 50% of the replacement cost.

     From the second year to the tenth year from your purchase date, the warranty will cover up to 30% of the cost for repairs and replacements. 

    This warranty coverage is exclusive to Jamie Park Jewelry products only. The warranty does not cover general wear and tear or shipping costs. Customers will be solely responsible for shipping costs to and from the designated service location.

    If your Jamie Park item needs to be serviced:

    Please contact us as soon as possible. Do not continue to wear the piece to avoid any further damage. 


    The warranty is void if:

    • The piece was repaired or altered by a third party without our written authorization.
    • The piece is damaged beyond repair.
    • There is some evidence of any sort of tampering.
    • The piece is not created by Jamie Park Jewelry.